Do we need more legislation?

Reading this article in the Dayton Daily News, I wonder why a law in the Ohio Revised Code must be passed if we want to protect those who blow the whistle on fraud and waste in government.  What does that say about our character and our ethics and our activism as the people of Ohio?

Can’t we, as a people, just protect those who help us watch the Leviathan?

If not, could this be better accomplished by executive order rather than taking the legislators time?

The answer, in a word, is NO. Our executives have let us down in the past by doing what’s expedient or expected by the biggest donor. We have grown cynical at values such as patriotism being sold out for vices such as greed.

And because we, as a people, have let concern for our neighbor and concerted activisim all but lapse from our stable of character qualities, we are not prepared to speak up. Many of us don’t tell our network of aquaintances to speak up and speak out when passion builds within our hearts.

All but the most active of us have forgotten that it is our country, our state, our village. We better learn that…fast. Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty – and right now we don’t enough money.

In the meantime, we need to open up the communication lines to turn back the fraud and waste counter here in Ohio.